Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Want to try something on? Click on the 'APPOINTMENTS' tab under Contact Us in our header menu to arrange a 45 minute fitting session in our boutique.

For last minute emergencies give us a call at +65 8339 5669.


Unfortunately due to the current pandemic we have ceased all overseas rentals til further notice!

For convience and ease we allow customer to arrange their own grab express/lalamove/courier to pick up their rentals if you're not able to pick up in person. Need a dress ASAP? Drop us a whatsapp at +65 8339 5669 before booking online and send a grab express over to pick it up during opening hours! Easy!

Our most common rentals are for 4 or 8 days however we now have rentals available for 12 and 16 days too! We recommend you to organise your dress to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get try on, accessorise and plan out your look. Here’s why –

Day 1 – Pick up your outfit.

Day 2 – Accessories and find the right shoes for the outfit.

Day 3 – Wear it (and work it) at your event.

Day 4 – Time to return your rental!

Need a dress ASAP? Drop us a whatsapp at +65 8339 5669 before booking online and send a grab express over to pick it up during opening hours! Easy!

We like a girl who knows what she wants! The good news is, you can reserve a dress up to 6 months in advance and we recommend you to schedule your order to arrive 1-2 days before your event. Don’t miss out on the dream dress, when you’ve found the one, lock her down to avoid outfit fomo.

There’s nothing average about you girl, that’s why we offer a range of dresses to suit all body shapes and heights.

If you aren’t quite sure about the length of your dress, simply contact our team for help or to organise a time for you to come in for a fitting. We also offer temporary alterations for an extra charge but require 2 weeks before your rental date starts.

A lot of care goes into ensuring our dresses fresh and clean. Our expert cleaning fairies use a variety of techniques to ensure that each style is dry cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and packaged with care so that it’s ready for another lucky lady to wear.

You sure can girl. All cancelations bear an additional charge of $30. After, you’ll receive a credit to your RENTADELLA account with the full dress rental with a year expiry.

Dress exchanges will incur an additional fee of $15 for keeping the dress booked. If the new dress is less than the previous, the remaining credits will go into your RENTADELLA account with a year expiry. If it's more, the surplus will be an additional charge (seperate to the $15 dress exchange fee)

The Rental

(For online orders only)

Hate it? We’ll help you find another dress.

Please whatsapp +65 8339 5669 or email us at [email protected] on the SAME DAY you recieved your dress and we can get another dress prepared in time for your event. If the style you select is more expensive, you will be charged the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, you will be given credit for the difference in price.

Can’t seem to find the one?

In the rare cases that you can’t find your match, we are more than happy to give you a RENTADELLA credit (less the cost of saleable items) if none of the dresses that you have ordered fit quite right.

Please do note all rentals are final after the first day of rental is finished so please message us on the same day the dress is picked up if there are any issues.

You can pick up your dress from our showroom on the first day of your rental. Please click Contact Us in the above header menu for our opening hours and address!


Each item undergoes an extensive checklist before being sent out to you and are subjected to usual wears a dress would face after being worn a few times. If for some reason we have missed something major, this must be reported within 24 hours and the dress sent back for inspection.

Not at all, simply wear and return. Dry cleaning is all inclusive however stain removal will be chargeable ($50-$80). Unremovable stains will be charged the full retail price of the dress.


We know it’s tough to let go but it’s better to have loved and slayed than to have never slayed at all, right? Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do! 

You’re covered for regular dry cleaning but if you do happen to have an accident (red wine and Queen Bey, can be a dangerous combination), just give us the heads up by sending an email to [email protected] Stain removal will be chargeable ($50-$80).

If the damage is major (beyond repair), the stain is unremovable or the dress becomes lost or stolen, then, unfortunately, we will have to charge you the retail price of the item but on the plus side, it is now yours to keep! Come on, it’s only fair.

If the item sent out is never returned (or replaced), then we will charge you double the retail price of the item and you will lose some serious karma points, girlfriend.

Returning is simple. Just drop off the dress (or get a friend or courier to) on the final day of your rental during opening hours. Unsure? You can refer to your email or account to find out your rental deets!

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our customers and part of this is providing an exceptional experience and that begins with an on-time rental. When a dress or accessory is not returned to us on time by a customer, or it is lost or stolen, it impacts our ability to deliver our promises to all of our lovely ladies and it may start to give us a bad rep.

Our products are unique and irreplaceable, and it’s, for this reason, we can’t simply purchase additional products to fulfill orders due to late returns. We rely on our community to return our products on time so that we can ensure other fine ladies will have their special dress for their special event.

Still got questions? Please review our Late Fee Policy below which explains how to return your rental products and outlines the fees charged for late returns.

When a return is late, our system will automatically charge $30 per day up to 200% percent of the original retail fee of the garment. Why so harsh? Because one late return can ruin the next girl’s life (and our street cred)… okay maybe not life but it will mean she won’t be able to wear her dream dress if you have not returned it. And that’s not cool.


 In light of COVID-19 we have adjusted our cancellation policy.

- Our usual cancellation fee has been waived during this period

- Credits are extended for use by any family or friends (which will be credited back into your account).